(Zero) work in progress

Compagnia Cuenca/Lauro


8th_11th October 2015

Thursday 08 October

Thursday 8 October
Brescia | Teatro Santa Chiara
contrada Santa Chiara, 50a
6 pm
duration: 20 minutes

Friday 09 October

Brescia | Teatro Santa Chiara
contrada Santa Chiara, 50a
2.30 pm
duration: 20 minutes


direction Elisabetta Lauro
by and with Elisabetta Lauro, César Augusto Cuenca Torres Creation
assistance Gennaro Lauro
associated artists Sosta Palmizi
co-production Associazione Sosta Palmizi, Associazione Invito alla Danza.
realised with the support of Gruppo Danza Forlimpopoli A.S.D, Premio Outlet A.C.S. Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo and Permutazioni/Zerogrammi,
selected for Lista Anticorpi XL 2014-15, winner Premio Equilibrio Roma 2015.


Compagnia Cuenca/Lauro

Cuenca/Lauro results from the artistic collaboration between Elisabetta Lauro and César Augusto Cuenca Torres. Graduated from Essen Folkwang University of Arts, they worked with the Taiwanese director and choreographer Wu Kuo-Chu and danced in “Le Sacre du Printemps” by Pina Bausch. In 2004 they joined the company of Kassel Staatstheater where they worked with Wu Kuo-Chu, Johannes Wieland, Vivienne Newport, Yossi Berg/Oded Graf, Rootlessroot and Cloud Gate Dance Theatre. Since 2011 they have worked as free lance choreographers, producing their own creations. Hay un no sé que no sé donde had its debut within Festival Azioni in Danza, it was selected by Lista Anticorpi XL 2012/13 and won the Special Mention of the Jury as well as the Audience Award at the International Choreographic Contest 18 Masdanza. Their new production (zero) work in progress has been awarded with the prize Premio Equilibro Roma 2015.