Compagnia Ospite MK


8th_11th October 2015

Thursday 08 ottobre

corso Zanardelli, 9a
10 pm
duration: 55 minuti

Mk is one of the most renowned Italian dance research groups. Michele Di Stefano, choreographer, received the Silver Lion for innovation in dance at the Venice Biennale 2014. Robinson premiered on February 2014 at Teatro Argentina in Rome, and is on tour. In July 2014 it has been reset for the Museion in Bolzano. In May of the same year the group restaged Giuda for Biagio Caravano at ICI Berlin / Institute for Cultural Inquiry. The latest productions – SUB,  Fronterizo and Hey – propose different formats and performative environments in collaborations with other artists, as is the case of the Platform of Balinese Dance, hosted for the entire calendar at the Santarcangelo International Festival 2014 and 2015. Michele Di Stefano created Upper East Side for Aterballetto  and Line Rangers for the Korean National Contemporary Dance Company in Seoul (Autumn 2014). He is the artistic director of AngeloMai Italia Tropici, an irregular platform for live arts in Rome. The group has been invited regularly at BiennaleDanza in Venice and performed in many countries.  It has re-staged its first choreographic duet (e-ink) for the project RIC.CI (Reconstruction Italian Contemporary Choreography) with two performers by Aterballetto. Michele Di Stefano and  Margherita Morgantin published Agenti autonomi e sistemi multiagente  a book of choreographic instructions and meteorological reports (Quodlibet 2012).
Since 2010 the group has been supported by MIBACT Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività culturali.